Hello World!

‘Hello World!’ is a fitting title for the first blog post of a programmer. It marks the start of learning something new. I have the grand dream to create a zombie video game for people like me who likes strategy but hates jump scares and gore. With that being said, I know absolutely nothing about game design or development. In addition to having to learn game development, I am a recent college graduate who just started her first job so I have a lot to learn in that aspect too. The purpose of this blog is to have an outlet for the technology I will be learning, the applications I may build along the way, and probably a few rants as well. I am sure there are others out there who have personal grudges against programming languages. I will neither confirm or deny that my grudge is against java.

For years I have had the urge to start a blog. For reasons beyond me, I felt it necessary to build my own blog instead of using something like WordPress or Weebly or Squarespace or any other CMS or website that would make the process easier. Finally, after maybe 3 or years of sitting on this domain I acknowledge that the perfectionist in me would never be satisfied with whatever I created and decided to go with WordPress and find a simple theme to match. This is one of the lessons I have learn in my college career. Sometimes doing your best and your perception of perfect will not be the same and that is okay. This blog is not what I envisioned but it is much better that I get started then continuing to chase the dream of a perfect site and delay the benefits of being able to blog and get my thoughts out.

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